Covid-19 Resources for New Orleanians

While not the definitive list, we hope this page will give you some helpful information for living in the age of Covid-19 in New Orleans.

Where to find aid, advocacy & entertainment during Phase 2

July is halfway over and we’re still dealing with the fallout of Covid-19. Here’s an update to the aid, advocacy, and...

Help Jackson Square Artists get back on their feet!

When misfortune strikes, New Orleanians come together to help. Last month the Jackson Square Artists cart yard was broken into and carts...

New Orleans will use crowdsourced data, not mask mandates during Krewe of Boo https://www.wwltv.com/article/news/local/orleans/new-orleans-will-use-crowdsourced-data-not-mask-mandates-during-krewe-of-boo/289-3abe4ab4-1335-4672-9580-6ac1c89c2603?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot

In our most recent Tiny Desk, Cha Wa celebrates Black culture through the medium of rhythm, while also punctuating cultural differences with the hope of opening up the eyes and ears of those ignorant of, or ignoring, those differences. https://n.pr/3p9DdVL

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