Super Bowl LIII or Super Bowl LIE?


It is hard to imagine a more painful way to lose a game, let alone one that would have sent the Saints to the Super Bowl. Fans had been cautiously optimistic all week leading up to the game versus the Rams.

The closer the time came for the game the more careful everyone was not to jinx our team. Prayer candles depicting players were lit, black and gold was worn and some took to making sure they didn’t step on cracks in the sidewalk for fear of bad luck (a nearly impossible feat here.)

Despite all the precautions, we could not avoid a fate worse than fate, the NFL.

New Orleanians have been gut punched and robbed enough that we know how to recover and we will. But many will not be watching the NFL’s crown jewel on February 3rd.

Could it be that the #boycottbowl will rule the day? #SuperBowlLIE

(Gerald Herbert/Associated Press)


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