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We Talk to People We Don’t Know Here

Grabbed some lunch at Majoria’s Commerce Restaurant this afternoon. This is one of the last old school diners left in New Orleans. Most of these haunts were wiped out by Hurricane Katrina, disappearing beneath the water or the property grab that followed. The loss of these old places has been to the detriment of New Orleans. We have let so many things fade into the past here and in our daily lives. These losses are made clear when you step into a place like Commerce. It isn’t just the decor or location, there is much more than that. You can learn a bigger lesson here, a reminder of something we are losing and failing to cultivate in younger professionals: true human communication. The importance of human interaction is critical with any business. There will never be anything better for growing a connection to a business than feeling welcomed by the people who work there. If you make a human-to-human connection while sharing a moment together, it forms the basis for a relationship. Building on that, you form interpersonal relationships that will organically grow your business’s reach as well as your quality of life. Commerce seems to know this and has a Certified Professional Interpersonal Communications and Relationship Building Specialist (CPICRBS) who does just that. His name is Roger. Roger is as New Orleans as you can be, an older guy who is energetic, personable and knows how to make the most hardened business person engage and look up from their phone. He greets everyone upon entering, checks on you as you eat and makes you feel welcome. Every place in New Orleans used to have a guy like him, alas, not so much anymore.You should stop by and see what is so often lost in our digital world. Stop in and see Roger and tell him hello. As you leave, you can pick up your phone…and use it to take a pic with the man.



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