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Keeping Dirty Birds Out of NOLA Skies

It appears that some Atlanta Falcons fans tried to get a kickstarter going to foul our city.

How to Eat Like a Local – (Where to Start)

You've really got to work hard to find a bad meal in this town. Here are my recommendations for where to get some of the best meals in New Orleans.

Super Bowl LIII or Super Bowl LIE?

It is hard to imagine a more painful way to lose a game, let alone one that would have sent the Saints to the Super Bowl.

Were You in the Number? (video)

Were you downtown on Friday? Did you get out to see the Saints Pep Rally that was held at the Hancock Whitney Building (former 1 Shell Square)? Here is a taste of what it looked like.

Drifter Shoots NOLA

Here are two of my favorite NOLA photos, the first one is extremely close to my heart, a young black father and his son making their way through downtown. These are the everyday people of New Orleans...

A Typical Afternoon on Royal Street

My truck broke down on Canal Street. So while I was waiting for it to be fixed I stopped into Cafe Beignet to have a cup of coffee and people watch for a while.

We Talk to People We Don’t Know Here

Grabbed some lunch at Majoria's Commerce Restaurant this afternoon. This is one of the last old school diners left in New Orleans. Most of...

Lee Friedlander’s New Orleans on Display at NOMA

If I said you could have a successful career as a music photographer you would probably jump at the idea. Working with iconic jazz...

Virtue and Vice on Display in The Quarter

The 300th anniversary of New Orleans has prompted many tributes and special events around the city. Many are what you would expect to see...