Seaworthy Is NOLA Worthy

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Had the pleasure last night to share an amazing dinner at Seaworthy NOLA with Jane Ko @ATasteOfKoko she is a hugely popular Food/Travel/Lifestyle Blogger from Austin Tx.  This was my first time here and have to say the service and food was amazing!

The choices of fresh raw oysters at Seaworthy is just sick!  They have oyster from the East Coast, West Coast and the Gulf all fresh shucked on site and delicious.  The flavors were amazing from Salty to buttery they hit the spot.

Perfectly boiled shrimp with some serious New Orleans cocktail sauce centered this kick ass dish and the true treat were the marginated crab claws!  This was seriously perfection on ice.

I know what you’re about to say..  Isn’t Seaworth a seafood restaurant????  Yes they are however the pork belly was off the charts!

This dish was pretty much perfect, flavor, texture everything on point.  Side not get the burger also it was wicked!  Sorry for no picture of it the one I took didn’t come out good.. :/

Seriously one of the best cocktails I have had in awhile. The Holywater is flat out delicious and loved the flame!  Sick Insta pic material right here!  Made with spiced rum, cognac, green chartreuse, house-made almond syrup, grapefruit, lemon, lime, angostura bitters. Telling ya check the out and get this drink.  You will have a great night!  #EatingNola approved!
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